And that’s where I see you as being very vulnerable in these frat parties, and there’s all this ha ha (bleep) stuff with these males. Just be careful and back away.”

I am committed to seeing the day when “frat” parties are no longer the place young women need to worried about getting drugged and raped. I need to be part of the movement that helps fraternities get there. 

Nowhere should young women need to be worried about getting drugged and raped… especially not at fraternity parties.

Fraternity men should be the ones who set a good example. They should be the ones who keep people safe. Fraternity men should be the ones educating others about why this type of behavior is never okay. 

Values of courage, respect, faith, scholarship, and love are what traditional fraternities were founded on, but when did this get lost? Hazing, rape, and alcohol abuse do not encompass any of those values. Don’t agree, TFM? Try me. You’re the reason I would ever be embarrassed to tell someone I’m Greek.

Being a frat guy is not cool. It’s not what girls want. It’s not what will get you places. 

Being a fraternity man - a man of character - is what young men in these organizations should aspire to be. Anything less is embarrassing… and hurting the rest of us. 

The Pale Blue Dot… watch this when you need a reminder that everything is going to be OK.

Your test is not the end of the world. Neither is that essay you forgot to write, or the book you didn’t have time to read, or the email you forgot to reply to. We’re all just specks. Things like that are so insignificant in the long run. 

Just… work hard and do your best.